LanSchool 6.1

Teachers who are concerned with eliminating student distractions on the internet in computer enabled labs and classrooms have a new tool at their disposal. LanSchool’s version 6.1 software gives teachers an impressive degree of control over student workstations in a computer-based learning environment, all from the teacher’s machine in the classroom.

New features to the LanSchool software include letting teachers monitor up to 140 student screens at once or focusing in on a single student. Teachers who want to use a student’s work, or their own, as an example for the rest of the class can lock the keyboards for the entire classroom and display the example on each individual screen. In addition, teachers can use the new screen annotation feature to make draw and make notes directly on any student’s screen without having to leave their seat. Teachers can also turn off student screens to help minimize distractions during discussion sessions.

Pricing is based upon the number of classrooms and ranges from $450 – $795 per classroom

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