Network administrators looking for an effective way to prevent student users from pirating, hacking, cracking, ripping, and copying software and data from school networks and servers need look no further than the latest offering from Hi-Resolution Systems. MacPrefect 5.0 is an exhaustive upgrade from the previous version; the software is customizable, which means that network administrators can completely lock-out or limit students from accessing sensitive areas such as control panels and menus while on the computer.

Through the use of such features as preventing the Shift key from disabling extensions and blocking users from taking ScreenShots, MacPrefect gives network administrators an extensive degree of control over student users. The software also lets administrators regulate access to individual files and directories as well as preventing specific files from being copied as a deterrent to would-be software pirates. Additional features of MacPrefect include the option of locking-out user access to CD drives as well as the ability to limit or deny access to network printers.

The software’s price ranges from $14 – $40 per computer depending on the total number of machines. There is an additional 20% discount for education users.

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