Sponsored: SpectraLink’s Wireless Telephones Break Down School Walls

SpectraLink offers two solutions for the differing technological needs of school districts. The Link Wireless Telephone System (Link WTS) ties to a school’s existing PBX. The system works through a series of Base Stations that are installed throughout the campus to ensure coverage anywhere a user might be including hallways, parking lots, and athletic fields. For schools with a more aggressive technology outlook, SpectraLink’s NetLink Wireless Telephones are the perfect choice. These devices tie into an 802.11b wireless LAN, enabling voice transmissions to operate over the same wireless network as data. This is a powerful configuration to leverage additional value out of a newer technology investment.

All SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems offer the same rich features as a standard desk phone, such as hold, transferring, and speed dial as well as vibrate mode and text messaging to avoid disrupting the class environment.

Improving communications in a school benefits a host of critical day-to-day educational issues, such as parent-teacher communication and teacher satisfaction. Perhaps even more importantly, by enabling safer and more secure schools, SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems help students achieve, give school staff the tools to perform better, and provide parents with peace of mind.

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