For network administrators looking for an all-in-one network management product to help meet federal and state regulations regarding student’s internet access as well as maximizing network capabilities, performance is a major concern. Total Traffic Control 3.0 (TTC) from Lightspeed Systems “lives up to [its] all-in-one billing” said eWeek Senior Analyst Cameron Sturdevant.

TTC offers a user-friendly, all-in-one package of network traffic applications that can help school districts effectively manage their network traffic while optimizing network performance. TTC combinines firewall capabilities, bandwidth management, traffic shaping, load balancing, as well as a content-filtering component. Particularly useful to schools is the reporting functions of TTC which is a useful tool to help districts comply the Child Internet Protection Act in addition to federal and state regulations. The traffic monitoring element of TTC also includes the ability to provide detailed information regarding student use of internet file-sharing applications, and inappropriate or profane eMails messages.

Price varies depending upon the amount of hardware (if any) that schools would like to purchase with the software. Educational prices range from $3,995 for software only. The software with a mini-tower is priced at $4,995, or schools can choose a 1U rack-mounted appliance with single or dual processors priced at $5,995 and $6,995 respectively. Schools can also purchase an optional WAN card for an additional $500

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