One of the major drawbacks for schools using hand-held PDA’s is their extremely limited range of about 3 feet when communicating via infrared technology. TriBeam’s WebTarget access point eliminates this problem.

Through the use of its patent pending Extended Range Infrared Communications (ERIC), WebTarget is the only technology of its kind to feature two-way communication for multiple users. What this means for schools is high-speed internet access for hand-held PDA users with only a minor investment in hardware.

For each WebTarget access point, with an access zone of 4000 square feet, an entire classroom of students and teachers can gain high-speed internet access. Installing the software on handheld computers can be done on the existing hardware; the standard infrared port on most PDA’s can easily be enabled with the WebTarget software, further minimizing costs for schools.

TriBeam also has plans to add support for Bluetooth Radio Frequency devices as well as Windows CE andPalm OS PDAs.

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