In preparation for Space Day 2003—to be celebrated May 1—this web site is meant to inspire a new generation of aviators and scientific explorers. The site contains a wealth of interactive tools, including online lessons about the many mysteries and achievements of space travel. Students can learn what it takes for astronauts to live and work in space. Or, they can explore the history of flight, participate in space-related trivia games, and solve brainteasers. Another section lets kids use the internet to communicate and collaborate with peers from across the globe as they compete to design model airplanes and spacecraft. Educators, too, will find the site useful. A comprehensive teacher’s section provides a number of lesson plans about space science education and includes ideas for helping students join in the celebration with special activities. Geared toward students in grades four through eight, the site uses several space-age speech and sound effects to hold students’ interest. Organizers of the event, which is chaired by former astronaut and senator John Glenn, say Space Day programs seek to advance science, math, technology, and engineering education and to inspire young people to realize the vision of our space pioneers.

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