While computer security experts and public policy makers debate the merits of a White House panel’s proposed national cyber security plan, the nonprofit group NetDay has developed and released its own Cyber Security Kit for Schools. The online kit is designed to create awareness among K-12 educators, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders about many of the dangers that lurk online. The site contains a guide called “What Every Administrator Needs to Know About Cyber Security.” The online guide includes practical suggestions and resources for ensuring that school computers are safe against online attacks. Another feature, “Computer-Savvy Families: A Story about Cyber Security for Children,” includes a narrative written by a fourth-grade teacher, which stresses the danger of online predators to children. Other resources include links to news, articles, and editorials addressing the delicate balance that exists between network security and internet freedom; an “action plan” for securing desktop computers from intrusion; and a list of cyber security and online safety web sites.

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