If your schools are on the low end of the eRate discount spectrum, you know how quickly those monthly charges for T-1 access can add up. As an alternative to ground-based leased lines, the Tsunami QuickBridge from Proxim Corp. is a cost-effective, quickly deployable way to provide network connectivity between two buildings up to six miles apart.

The QuickBridge includes all the components needed to connect two buildings, including two outdoor bridge units with built-in antennas. With the Installation Quick Start Guide, the QuickBridge can be up and running in less than one hour, Proxim says. The system offers greater capacity and speed than 802.11b bridges and operates on the 5.8 GHz band. An audible antenna alignment tool helps ensure foolproof installation.

The Tsunami QuickBridge comes in three varieties. The Tsunami QuickBridge 60, which costs $5,499, provides data connectivity at speeds of up to 60 Mbps between buildings up to three miles apart. The Tsunami QuickBridge 20, which costs $3,499, offers up to 20 Mbps of connectivity between buildings up to six miles. Lastly, the Tsunami QuickBridge 20 with an optional T-1 or E-1 connection—which enables school districts to establish both voice and data connectivity—offers up to 12 Mbps of connectivity for up to six miles for $7,499.

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