New electronic whiteboard software gives teachers more flexibility

Teachers now have even greater functionality with the latest improvements to InterWrite Software Version 3.21, the interface for GTCO CalComp’s electronic whiteboards. InterWrite is an annotation application that drives the company’s SchoolBoard and SchoolPad products, enabling users to control meetings, lessons, and presentations with the click of a button.

Using the software and whiteboard, teachers can select tools from the menu to annotate or highlight important information and interact with lesson material for the entire class to see. Teachers also can save and print lessons and even eMail them to absent students.

The latest version of the software now supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so teachers can control the whiteboard and make notes on the screen from anywhere in the room. It also lets teachers customize the toolbox; hide portions of the screen during presentations; cut, copy, and paste between InterWrite and other Windows applications; and resize shapes and annotations.

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