Bone up on the latest reading research with “The Partnership for Reading”

From the National Institute for Literacy, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the U.S. Department of Education comes The Partnership for Reading, a collaborative effort intended to provide educators with the findings of evidence-based reading research. Educators, parents, and other stakeholders can use this site as a point of reference to research key approaches such as phonics, fluency, vocabulary comprehension, and phonemic awareness. Other resources include suggestions for how to integrate technology into the reading curriculum, as well as links to continuing teacher education. For background, educators have access to the partnership’s criteria for improved reading instruction, including its definition of reading, its research stipulations, and its main principles. The site also provides access to a massive database of reading research materials separated by subject and skill emphasized, as well as recommended resources for continued research and frequently asked questions. The partnership also plans to add an online discussion forum for educators; however, this phase is still under construction.

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