As tensions continue to mount between Israel and Palestine and the threat of a war with Iraq looms on the horizon, it becomes increasingly important for American school children to learn about the culture that shapes life in that region of the world. In response, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has funded the development of a new resource called Global Connections. This site, which focuses on the history of the Middle East, provides a wealth of resources to help students better understand the cultural differences that exist between Middle Eastern nations and the Western world. Students have an opportunity to explore the region’s rich history here, from the fall of the Ottoman Empire to political structures of the present day. The site also contains teaching resources for addressing common stereotypes, answering geographical questions, and spurring discussion about U.S. foreign policy. Unique timelines present a chronological look at the region’s long history, and available lesson plans provide smart suggestions for teachers on how to incorporate important current events news and related history lessons into the classroom.