As the frequency of junk eMail, or spam, increases and drains more bandwidth from school networks, schools can benefit from a tool such as Total Traffic Control Spam Blocker, developed by Lightspeed Systems.

Spam Blocker is a new feature of Total Traffic Control 3.0, a network management tool that performs traffic monitoring, reporting, prioritization, bandwidth management, firewall security, and network and server-load balancing. Spam Blocker blocks spam based on the software’s spam pattern file, which it creates daily by analyzing thousands of incoming eMail messages to sample them statistically for words and patterns. The tool allows administers to “black list” pesky spammers by IP address, domain name, eMail address, or subject line. You can also create a “white list” of eMail senders that resemble spam but are welcome, such as newsletters, offers, or customer correspondence.

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