Simplify your school’s wireless network with the Vernier Networks System

The Vernier Networks System Education Edition, from Vernier Networks, provides any laptop or handheld computer on campus with secure, wireless, zero-configuration network access. The system is designed to solve access, management, and security challenges that wireless networks typically raise in schools.

Using the system, students and teachers can connect to the network through hardware and software they have already purchased without having to download software or reconfigure their device, Vernier says. As users move freely about the school and into locations with different access constraints, the Vernier Networks System applies the appropriate level of security without interruption and without requiring reauthentication.

Administrators can define security policies based on time of day, location, or identity. The Education Edition works with existing student databases, Vernier says, so administrators and teachers easily can control user authentication and access.

The system reportedly can support every device on a network, from desktops to handhelds, and every operating system, from Mac to Windows to Palm. The Vernier Educaion Edition coss $995.

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