Even in small classrooms, the latest microportable LCD projector from Canon USA Inc. can deliver the big picture. The new LV-X2 can display a 100-inch diagonal image from as close as 9.2 feet, Canon says.
The LV-X2 weighs 6.4 pounds, offers 1,100 lumens of brightness, and features XGA-quality resolution (1,024 pixels by 768 pixels). It also can project SXGA-quality images (1,280 pixels by 1,024 pixels) with advanced compression.
The LV-X2 incorporates Canon’s high-precision, ultrawide-angle lens, exclusive optical box, and 1.4X optical zoom. It also includes a 16X digital zoom option, ideal for teachers who want to enlarge part of an image for a closer look. The projector can connect to a camcorder, digital camera, computer, document camera, DVD player, or VCR. It uses a wireless remote control or USB mouse and features a useful picture control feature that can optimize contrast levels and produce natural-looking skin tones.
The suggested retail price for the LV-X2 is $2,999.

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