“ExploraVision” aims to create a new generation of scientists and inventor

Sponsored by Tosbiha America and the the National Science Teachers Association, ExploraVision is a contest that invites groups of students from the United States and Canada to observe the technologies they use every day and come up with ways to make these innovations function better. Once students pick an everyday technology to improve upon, they must work in teams to present an overview of the project. The overview must include a brief history of the technology, the team’s vision for its role in the future, what breakthroughs are necessary to achieve their goals, and what potential positive or negative consequences could result from its redesign. According to the site, each participating team must be mentored by a teacher whose responsibility will be to keep the students on task during the competition. Students in grades K-12 can participate. The top teams in each of four grade levels will receive savings bonds worth $10,000 at maturity. Second-place winners will receive $5,000 awards. The deadline for registration is Feb. 4.

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