Maintain a healthy school environment with help from this resource

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is using the internet to help educators and other stakeholders address health issues in schools. EPA’s “Healthy School Environments” web site provides online resources for school board members, administrators, parents, architects, designers, nurses, facility managers, teachers, janitors, and other staff members to consult when considering how best to improve the quality of the environment both inside and around a school building. Whether you have concerns about waste removal, water purification, outdoor air pollution, or indoor air quality, this site contains articles and links to information for all of your environmental questions. Another feature, the site’s Environmental Education section, provides resources for teachers to help educate students about the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy living environment. The site’s resources have been identified and developed by EPA, other federal agencies, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations. Visitors can browse these resources by topic, geographic area, or a specific keyword search.

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