In recognition of Black History Month, now offers “Culture & Change: Black History in America.” This interactive stop lets students experience African-American culture through colorful sites and sounds, as well as the cold, hard facts of history. Check out Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Wynton Marsalis’s “History of Jazz,” or read the life story of civil rights leader Rosa Parks and learn how one woman’s courage helped spark a historical wave of non-violent protests that changed America forever. The site also heralds innovation and pays homage to 10 African-American inventors, including Elijah McCoy and George Washington Carver. In addition, students can take part in live online chats with famous African-American authors and poets. Other features include a chance for kids to nominate their favorite African-American leaders of all time, an interactive cultural timeline, and a guide for researching civil-rights conflicts in Alabama during the 1960s.

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