The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has created a new learning hub for nine- to 12-year-olds, where students can explore five interactive sites based on educational programs broadcast on public television. At “Don’t Buy It: Get Media Smart,” kids can participate in a number of games and lessons designed to teach them about media advertising and how to become smart consumers in the digital age. “It’s My Life” aims to create a place where children can discuss age-appropriate social, emotional, and physical dilemmas with peers and professionals. This solution-oriented web site provides a number of resources to help nurture students through natural growing pains. A third site, “Backyard Jungle,” moves discussion from the human body out into the natural world. Students can explore ecology and nature through this interactive site, which tours backyards nationwide. “Plastic Fork Diaries”—a product of Maryland Public Television—challenges students to be health-conscious when deciding what foods to eat. The site chronicles the eating habits of six middle school students as they consider how food affects their growing bodies. The last site, “3D&1,” is a creative designers’ playground, where students can fuse what they have learned about culture and life into creative logos meant to reflect their own individual personalities.

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