Knowing that computers aren’t much use without software, Apple Computer has bundled its wireless mobile computer labs with leading, research-based educational programs. The result is a set of five new Curriculum Mobile Labs, each focusing on a specific subject and age group.

The Early Literacy Curriculum Mobile Lab: Grades PreK-3 features Destination Reading, a web-based literacy program developed by Riverdeep Inc. The Language Curriculum Mobile Lab: Grades K-Adult offers the Rosetta Stone, a set of online courses from Fairfield Language Technologies that provides instruction in more than 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew. The Math Curriculum Mobile Lab: Grades K-6 comes with Riverdeep’s Destination Math. The Math Curriculum Mobile Lab: Grades 6-12 contains Destination Math, Algebra in the Real World, and Mathematica in the Classroom. Lastly, the Mobile Digital Media Studio comes with a camcorder, digital camera, and scanner for input; a projector to present finished projects to the class; and FireWire drives to store large media projects.

The mobile labs are complete solutions that combine software, AirPort-enabled Apple iBook computers, Apple Professional Development courses, and a variety of accessories. Because they are portable and feature wireless networking, they can be brought into any classroom easily, immediately turning it into a computer lab. Prices start at $14,000.

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