With the launch last fall of the Lindows operating system, from Lindows.com Inc. of San Diego, school districts running Windows-based software now have a less costly alternative to Windows.

This Linux-based operating system costs $500 for a site license of unlimited computers and includes a year’s subscription to the Click-N-Run Warehouse on the Lindows.com web site, which consists of more than 1,600 software programs that run on Lindows. More importantly, Lindows is designed to be compatible with many legacy Windows applications, meaning schools won’t be putting their investment in Windows-based technology at risk.

The software’s friendly licensing plan allows school customers to install the operating system on any number of PCs without having to pay for additional installations. Using software from the Click-N-Run Warehouse, users can edit most popular file types, according to the company—including those for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Flash, Real Audio, and most graphic files types. The Click-N-Run Warehouse includes Sun’s StarOffice 6.0 productivity suite, as well as multimedia software and some educational titles.

The Lindows OS reportedly supports most PC hardware and periphals. For the most recent list of supported hardware, software, and devices, visit http://www.lindows.com/compatibility.

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