Austin, Texas-based Netbotz Inc. has developed a network monitoring solution intended to protect school or business IT infrastructures from physical threats such as human error, extreme temperatures, high humidity, or water damage.

The Netbotz Physical Monitoring Solution features monitoring appliances with built-in environmental sensors and an integrated color camera that can capture live-motion events. With Netbotz Central—the software that ties the solution together—school administrators can view environmental readings and a camera image in real time from any site on the network where a Netbotz monitoring device has been deployed.

The Forsyth County, Ga., school system has deployed 24 Netbotz appliances to protect its network of 3,000 laptops and 7,000 desktops, which are mostly located in classrooms across 23 locations. “I never knew that such a clever creature as a physical monitoring solution like NetBotz even existed,” said Bailey Mitchell, Forsyth’s executive director of technical services. “Environmental factors are a huge problem for us, because schools are built for learning, not as housing for sophisticated and sensitive technology.”

In addition to monitoring maintenance issues such as heat, humidity, and water leaks, NetBotz also safeguards school technology from theft or tampering. “We can correlate who goes in and out of a room with the information captured by the built-in camera in the NetBotz monitoring appliance,” Mitchell said. “That means we can hold accountable any person who’s fooled around with our equipment.”

The NetBotz monitoring appliances range in price from $1,195 to $1,795.

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