Browse the “National Science Digital Library”

More than 100 teams of educators nationwide are working with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop what they hope will be the nation’s most comprehensive digital library for the sciences. The National Science Digital Library is an ongoing initiative spearheaded by NSF to create a fully online resource dedicated to the teaching of technology, science, engineering, and mathematics skills. The growing library contains supplemental materials geared to support lessons across the K-12 spectrum and gives educators a central location where they can find reliable content for use in their classrooms. What’s more, through a tool called CreateStudio, educators who visit the library can assemble resources related to their lessons into movies, simulations, and digital presentations to be used in the classroom as interactive student exercises. Currently, several colleges and universities are working on more than 100 projects to improve the library, including adding new portals, incorporating other digital libraries, increasing the accessibility of information, and building new interactive learning environments. Each project is funded for two years, and NSF plans to continue building this resource for as long as funding continues.

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