April 2-3
Minneapolis. Connected Classroom Conference
. This conference, sponsored by Classroom Connect, is held in 10 cities each year as a forum for educators to discuss the incorporation of technology and the internet into classroom instruction. Individual workshops are structured according to skill level for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with several workshops for all levels. Hands-on labs also are available at an additional cost. Contact: (800) 638-1639 ProfDev/Conferences

April 3
Cumberland, Md. Accessing the Fundamentals: Accessible Information Technology in Education
. Sponsored by the Maryland Technology Assistance Program, this conference is comprised of two concurrent sessions: Accessible Distance Learning and Accessible Software Evaluation and Procurement. Registration is limited to 100 people. Contact: (800) 832-4827

April 11-15
Anaheim, Calif. National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) 82nd Annual Convention and Exposition
. Educators who attend this show will be invited to participate in full-day learning workshops, concurrent discussion sessions, and exhibits featuring the latest innovations for school administrators. Featured topics include data-driven decision making, improving the quality of urban schools, and the betterment of national early-childhood programs. Contact: (800) 386-2377

April 16-19
Dallas. National Business Education Association (NBEA) Annual Convention: “Educating for Success in Business and Life.
” K-12 instructors, college administrators, and NBEA members are invited to this event to explore technology’s impact on education by participating in hands-on computer workshops, professional development seminars, and general discussion sessions focused on preparing students for success in the business world. Contact: (703) 860-8300

April 23-26
Portland, Ore. Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) Annual Conference
. Now in its 32nd year, this conference brings teachers, principals, and administrators from Oregon and other northwestern states together to discuss the coordination of activities related to the instructional use of computers and other school technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss equality in technology education, promote the use of successful best practices in technology integration, and debate proficiency standards for top-notch ed-tech programs in schools. Contact: (360) 650-4760


May 8-10
Anaheim, Calif. Computer Using Educators (CUE) 2003 Spring Conference:
“Providing the Tools.” Educators are invited to participate in free, hands-on technology sessions at this event sponsored by CUE, a California-based nonprofit organization supporting the integration of technology into the classroom. Attendees will observe best practices in ed-tech integration via student-led demonstrations and discuss ways to collaborate on their technology efforts with institutions of higher learning. They’ll also be able to purchase access to the conference exhibit hall, where the latest technologies will be on display. Sign up five teachers from your school and one administrator goes to the show for free. Contact: (510) 814-6630

May 14-16
New York City. Education, Technology, and Curriculum Summit 2003.
Sponsored by the Teacher’s College at Columbia University, this conference features the theme “New Models for Individualized Instruction.” It will focus primarily on 12 hot-button topics in K-12 education, spanning from adequate yearly progress and the digital divide to testing, assessment, and professional development. Contact: (888) 464-9950


June 18-20
Pottersville, N.J. edACCESS Technology Conference: “It’s All About Communication.”
Sponsored by edACCESS, a national association of administrative professionals at small schools and colleges, this 12th annual conference gives educators and administrative computing personnel the chance to address some of the more common problems in the ed-tech arena. Through a number of hands-on activities and peer-to-peer discussions, stakeholders will be encouraged to test new solutions to today’s technology challenges. Contact: (413) 774-1422

June 23-28
Honolulu. World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications (ED-MEDIA) 2003.
The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education invites educators and technology experts from across the globe to discuss several major topics, including technology infrastructure, tools and content applications, new roles of the instructor and learner, human-computer interaction, best practices, and universal web access. These and other topics will be addressed through a number of channels and networking activities, including tutorials, interactive presentations, discussion sessions, and keynote speeches. Contact: (757) 623-7588

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