Find support for thin-client initiatives at this online educator forum

In a time of uncertain education budgets, one way school technology leaders have attempted to save money is by installing networks of interconnected, thin-client machines. A cheaper alternative to more costly desktop computers, thin-client machines are basically stripped-down computers that lack a hard drive. They are used simply as input and output devices, and all the processing occurs on a powerful central server. This educator forum, sponsored by the Microsoft Network, gives thin-client users an opportunity to discuss the application of these machines in a school environment. Educators and school technology professionals can log onto the site to read about and discuss the latest thin-client applications, exchange best practices, and ask questions about the technology’s integration in schools. Visitors to the site also can follow peer-submitted internet links to the best places on the web for thin-client computing information. Educators who need immediate answers to their questions can register for access to pre-screened, educators-only chat rooms where questions can be asked and answered in real time.

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