Reap the history, economics, and even miracles of agriculture here

Created by the Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area, “CampSilos” aims to teach students about our nation’s agricultural heritage. A winner of several online educational awards, the site provides standards-based lessons about a host of topics, from the pioneer farmers who helped settle this land years ago to the mass-producing, machine-tilled fields of today. Students can read a story about the history of corn, research the economics of farming in the modern world, or even watch a video of baby pigs being born. Students also can see what America’s farms looked like 150 years ago and play interactive, educational games designed to illustrate just how dependent America remains on strong, healthy agriculture today. A section called CampSilos Excursions enables students to take a historical, interactive tour of an Iowa farming community; learn what role women played in helping to construct some of America’s most productive farms; observe the effects of industrialization on crop production in the Midwest; and bear witness to great archeological discoveries along the way.

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