Eliminate the need for two-way radios with this long-range cordless telephone system from EnGenius Technologies
The new line of industrial, four-line cordless telephones from EnGenius Technologies of Costa Mesa, Calif., eliminates the need for schools to have separate two-way radios and is a less expensive alternative to cell phones.

The EnGenius Industrial Cordless EP-436, which claims to be the longest-range multiline system on the market, works with up to 36 cordless handsets. The EP-436 provides superior voice clarity across 250,000 square feet indoors or 3,000 acres outside, and a built-in auto attendant automatically directs callers to the correct headset.

The phone system allows text messaging between headsets and features battery hot-swapping, which allows you to change the battery while a call is on hold. Each headset operates as a full two-way radio and can be used even when out of range of the base unit.

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