The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television series “Frontline” has launched a new online feature called the World Fellows Program, which aims to foster new voices in international reporting. In this first installment of the program, students can accompany a University of California-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism student as she makes her way to the Israeli frontier by way of a war-torn path that includes the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon. Along the way, students will read first-hand accounts of the physical, cultural, and historical borders built as a result of the decades-long land dispute between Israelis and Palestinians—a primary source for much of the anger many Arabs harbor toward Americans. Students can witness the historical tension among these warring peoples with the help of interactive maps, photographs, and well-written journalistic accounts encompassing the opinions and attitudes of those who live there today. The site also contains links to recent news stories relevant to the conflict, as well as an introduction to the author and the purpose of her mission. Other resources on the Frontline site include information about the war in Iraq and the escalating tension between the United States and North Korea.

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