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Acer America Corp., a subsidiary of the Acer Group with U.S. headquarters in San Jose, Calif., offers a broad spectrum of IT products and services. Visit Acer’s web site: (800) 733-2237 See Acer’s ad between pages 24 and 25

Adobe Systems Inc., of San Jose, Calif., is a leading producer of illustration and design software. Visit Adobe’s web site: (800) 834-3396 See the ad for Adobe on page 10

America Online, based in Dulles, Va., offers schools a safe and easy internet content program at no cost. Visit the AOL@School web site: (888) 648-4023 See the ad for AOL@School on page 23

CDI Computers, of Markham, Ontario, remarkets high-quality refurbished computers and instructional technology equipment across North America, with the goal of increasing student-to-computer ratios while stretching school technology budgets. Visit CDI’s web site: (888) 226-5727 See CDI’s ad on page 21

ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS), of Springfield, Va., is the document delivery component of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). Visit EDRS’s web site: (800) 443-3742 See ERIC’s ad on page 25

Gateway Inc., of San Diego, is a Fortune 250 company focusing on building lifelong relationships with businesses, schools, and consumers through complete technology personalization. Visit the Gateway web site: (800) GATEWAY See the Gateway ad on pages 2 and 3

Grolier Online, headquartered in Danbury, Conn., and now part of Scholastic Library Publishing, provides schools with a wide array of online reference and research materials, from Encyclopedia Americana to the New Book of Popular Science. Visit the Grolier Online web site: (888) 326-6546 See Grolier’s ad on page 24 Hewlett-Packard Co., of Palo Alto, Calif., is a leading manufacturer of all the essential components of technology infrastructure—servers, storage, management software, imaging and printing, personal computers, and personal access devices. Visit the HP web site: (800) 752-0900 See HP’s ad on page 9

Hi Resolution Systems Ltd., of Columbia, Ill., has been creating and marketing software solutions for Macintosh operating systems since 1989. Visit the Hi Resolution Systems web site: (800) 455-0888 See the Hi Resolution Systems ad on page 5 IBM Corp., headquartered in Armonk, N.Y, provides powerful tools that help enrich educational programs. Visit the IBM web site: (866) 426-0524 See IBM’s ad on page 47

inResonance, of Northampton, Mass., specializes in database solutions, training, and educational applications of Palm handheld computers. Visit the inResonance web site: (413) 587-0236 See the ad for inResonance on page 17

Jackson Software, of Glencoe, Ill., is a leading provider of student information software solutions for teachers and schools. Visit the Jackson Software web site: (800) 850-1777 See the ad for Jackson Software on page 28

Macromedia Inc., of San Francisco, provides industry-leading software that empowers internet developers and designers. Visit the Macromedia web site: (800) 470-7211 See Macromedia’s ad on page 12

Margi Systems Inc., of Fremont, Calif., is a leading provider of multimedia products for mobile systems. Visit Margi’s web site: (888) OK-MARGI See Margi’s ad on page 19

McGraw-Hill Digital Learning, of Columbus, Ohio, provides research-based, standards-aligned technology solutions that improve student performance and teacher productivity. Visit McGraw-Hill Digital Learning’s web site: (614) 430-4226 See McGraw-Hill Digital Learning’s ad on page 11

MiLAN Technology, of Sunnyvale, Calif., is a leading provider of physical-layer networking products and a pioneer in the field of media conversion. Visit MiLAN’s web site: (800) 466-4526 See the ad for MiLAN Technology on page 7

N2H2 Inc., of Seattle, is an internet access management company specializing in fast and scalable filtering solutions. Visit N2H2’s web site: (800) 971-2622 See N2H2’s ad on page 33

NetSupport Inc., of Cumming, Ga., is a member of the PCI Group of companies, developers of a range of award-winning remote control and IT training products. Visit NetSupport’s web site: (888) 665-0808 See NetSupport’s ad on page 8

Oracle Corp., with world headquarters in Redwood Shores, Calif., is a global leader in business-to- business software and services, including internet- enabled database, tools, and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services. Visit Oracle’s web site: (800) 529-0165 See Oracle’s ad on page 22

Palm Inc., of Milpitas, Calif., is a leading provider of handheld computers for education and other applications. Visit Palm’s web site: (800) 881-7256 See Palm’s ads on pages 14 and 20

Pearson Education Technologies, of Tucson, Ariz., is a leading provider of educational software and learning solutions to K-12 schools and adult learners. Visit the Pearson Education Technologies web site: (888) 627-LEARN See the ad for Pearson Education Technologies on the back cover

Penn State World Campus, from Penn State University, offers anytime, anywhere learning through online continuing education and professional development programs designed around the hectic schedules of today’s busy professionals. Visit the Penn State World Campus web site: (800) 252-3592 See the ad for Penn State World Campus on page 29

Rediker Software Inc., of Hampden, Mass., is a leading provider of school administrative software for educators and administrators worldwide. Visit the Rediker Software web site: (800) 213-9860 See the ad for Rediker Software on page 26

Sagebrush Corp., of Minneapolis, is a fast-growing leader in serving K-12 library media specialists in their efforts to provide access to information, stimulate interest in reading, and improve student performance. Visit the Sagebrush web site: (800) 328-2923 See the Sagebrush ad on page 27

ZT Group International, with offices in New York City and New Jersey, is a leading supplier of computer systems, network services, storage solutions, notebook computers, and peripherals to schools and businesses. Visit the ZT Group web site: (866) 984-7687 See the ad for ZT Group on page 39

Correction: The information we published about EnGenius in the Partners section of our April 2003 issue was incorrect. The listing should have read:

EnGenius Technologies, of Costa Mesa, Calif., provides long-range voice and data technologies for homes, schools, and businesses. Visit the EnGenius Technologies web site: (888) 735-7888

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