Sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, this interactive and easy-to-use web site provides age-appropriate activities and lesson plans for teaching about the solar system in K-12 classrooms. Each lesson included on the Space Science Curriculum Standards Quilt meets National Science Education Standards. To use the site, you simply choose an appropriate grade level, then choose from any of the illuminated squares on the interactive patchwork quilt. There are 16 subject areas arranged in vertical columns, including the sky, planetary objects, apparent motion, patterns, size and scale properties, stars, and more. Each subject area can be cross-referenced with one of five scientific concepts arranged in horizontal rows: Science as an Inquiry, Technology Connections, Personal Social Connections, Nature and History of Science, and Unifying Concepts and Processes. Once you choose a square, each lesson that pertains to the given topic will appear in a box under the quilt. Teachers then can read summaries of these lessons or view the lessons in their entirety by double-clicking on the highlighted link.

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