Computer science student and music aficionado Ricci Adams first envisioned this free, interactive music site during his senior year in high school. Now, nearly three years later, his web site has grown to include lessons on a whole range of musical topics, from staff, cleff, and ledger lines to note duration and time signatures. Other topics include exercises on dots and ties, simple and compound meter, steps and accidentals, and more. When logged onto the site, students also have access to a chord calculator, a staff paper generator, and a music matrix. A number of downloadable trainers and utilities enable students to learn the correct finger positions for a variety of brass and string instruments. Whether students are learning how to play guitar or trying their hand at the saxophone, has a tool to help them learn. Students and teachers also can extend their musical inquiries outside of class using the site’s interactive forums. The content is relevant for all students in grades K-12.

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