Teachers can broadcast their lessons live over the internet or archive them for future viewing with MediaSite Live 2.0., an easy-to-use appliance distributed by Codifica LLC of Coconut Grove, Fla.

MediaSite Live simplifies the process of webcasting without the complications of authoring and production. This comprehensive solution allows users to capture, stream, deliver, and archive synchronized audio, video, and other multimedia presentation material without expensive media production equipment and with unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and speed.

“I was so impressed with the simplicity of this product and the gigantic possibilities for its use,” said Barbara K. Sugarman of The Carrollton School in Miami.

To use the device, teachers simply need a digital camcorder, a microphone, and good lighting in their classroom. MediaSite Live captures the audio and video of a teacher’s lesson and synchronizes it to supporting documents used in the lesson, such as electronic whiteboards, transparencies, or PowerPoint slides.

MediaSite Live reportedly captures and streams any type of digital content’from presenter video to transparencies, opaque projections, interactive whiteboards, presentation graphics, and Microsoft Office applications, including PowerPoint slides, screen shots, and live web pages.

“Our teachers simply plug their laptops into the system, and whatever they pull up on the monitor is instantly presented and can be streamed across the internet in a highly professional and efficient manner,” said Joan Lutton, head of The Cushman School and president of the Florida Council of Independent Schools.

Teachers can stream lessons live and/or save them for viewing later. The supporting software walks the teacher through the process of configuring the webcast for 56K or high-speed internet access. The appliance and supporting software costs about $23,000.

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