Print Manager Plus 4.0, from Software Shelf International Inc., lets you set a limit on student printing and avoid budget disasters that can result from uncontrolled, irresponsible printing. Besides saving paper, it’ll also save toner and wear and tear on your school’s printers, the company says.

Print Manager Plus supports printing from most operating systems and all printer types. It installs in seconds on any Windows-based print server, requires no agents, and makes no changes to printer drivers.

The software enables users to enter a different page cost per printer (taking into account whether it prints in color or black-and-white, for example) and thus can calculate exact printing costs per user or printer. The interface contains built-in reports showing how many pages each user or printer has printed over specific time periods and the actual cost of these activities.

Using the software, you can set an overall price quota per user or group over a certain period of time, limit job sizes by user to a specified number of pages, or restrict printing jobs based on file type, application, or by keywords in the document title. The company claims that in an average school environment of 1,000 students, the software pays for itself in paper and toner saved every ten days.

Print Manager Plus 4.0 is licensed per print server. One license’including annual maintenance’costs $596.25. For purchases of 51 or more licenses, the price drops to $371.25 per license.

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