Contrary to what the Bush administration is saying, this advocacy web site from the National Head Start Association (NHSA) claims that Head Start—a federal support initiative for underserved children ages one to five—is at risk. According to NHSA, President Bush—despite several declarations of support for underserved students—would like nothing more than to dismantle the program within the next five years, a move the group argues would contribute to the plight of more than 1 million at-risk children. Educators and other Head Start proponents can use this site to weigh in on the issue with their governor and members of Congress through an electronic form letter. The site also includes access to a recent NHSA report, “Dismantling Head Start: The Case for Saving America’s Most Successful Early Childhood Development Program,” which states that the administration unreasonably endangers the future of the program by requiring fiscally troubled states to provide Head Start funding with little help from the federal government. NHSA represents more than 900,000 children and their families, 200,000 staff members, 1,900 Head Start programs, and 600 Early Head Start programs nationwide.

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