Created by educational publisher McDougal Littell in conjunction with the National Science Foundation and the nonprofit science education organization TERC, “Exploring Earth” is an interactive, online textbook designed to be used in conjunction with McDougal Littell’s Earth Science textbook or as a supplement to other classroom instruction. From oceans and rocks to weather patterns and climate conditions, this innovative resource provides a number of visual aids and interactive videos intended to help students understand challenging earth science concepts. Students can click on maps that illustrate the flow of major rivers throughout the world, read about the spread of wild fires, explore volcanoes, learn about plate tectonics, and even investigate the origin of thunderstorms. Aside from individual lessons, the site also contains expanded learning opportunities, including a data center with additional information and activities for each unit of McDougal Littell’s print textbook. Plus, a section called “Earth News” keeps kids informed of the latest scientific developments, and a “Careers” link explores the many different jobs scientists do around the world.

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