The Committee for Economic Development has released a new report entitled “Learning for the Future: Changing the Culture of Math and Science Education to Ensure a Competitive Workforce.” The report highlights the steady and disturbing decline in the proficiency of United States students in math and science. Its authors warn that as the trend continues, our nation’s status as a global economic power is very much at risk. Putting the threat into perspective, the committee calls for a renewed emphasis on math and science in America’s schools and contends these skills are necessary to sustaining national, international, and economic security. The committee’s report offers three recommendations for improvement: (1) foster a greater interest in science and mathematics among the nation’s young; (2) demonstrate the wonder of discovery, while helping students master rigorous content; and (3) further recognize the efforts of our nation’s teachers by increasing pay scales and offering more appealing incentives, especially in the subject areas of math and science. For more information about how to attain these goals, see the report.

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