Considering a move to open-source software? This site from the Northwest Educational Technology Consortium will help you decide whether the free software is a good fit for your school. “Open Options” is a comprehensive, objective web site created to help school leaders weigh the pros and cons of open-source software in the K-12 environment. Here, you’ll get the skinny on Linux and other open-source programs. But beware: Just because the code itself is free doesn’t mean the software won’t have additional costs associated with it. This web site will help you estimate the total cost of ownership for an open-source program. The resource also provides background on the open-source community and explains the history of the movement in schools. Still can’t decide? The site provides specific examples of why educators have chosen open-source software in the past, where they are using it in schools, and what it has helped them accomplish. The site even contains advice about implementing and evaluating open-source technology.

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