Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc., which makes the popular StudyWorks! software, has published a free online tutorial that uses animations and other interactive elements to teach high school physics. Authored by Tom Henderson, a long-time physics teacher at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Ill., this site contains all kinds of lesson plans and classroom activities designed to help drive home difficult scientific concepts. The Tutorial section includes lessons on Newton’s Law, vectors, waves, circular motion, and other topics. It also contains assessment tools designed to measure students’ mastery of these and other teaching points. Are your students visual learners? The Multimedia Physics Studio provides interactive demonstrations of classroom theories. Here, students can observe the difference between average or instantaneous speed by following the path of an animated car, or they can learn about energy transformation by watching a downhill skier complete his run. If students are still having trouble understanding the concepts, a section called Physics Help is loaded with practice exercises to help them hone their skills by graphing problems, recognizing forces, and so on.

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