New software from Riverdeep provides assessment and skills-building activities

Riverdeep Inc. is distributing two new software series that assess students’ skills and knowledge, and then provide review and remediation as necessary.

The Skill Navigator Series, designed by online education company TestU, diagnoses the skills of students in grades 9-12 based on state standards and then offers a customized curriculum to help them prepare for state exams. It includes initial skills assessment, self-pacing, skills-based tutorials, effective test-taking strategies, continuous practice assessments, onscreen coaching and mentoring, and an interactive lab. The first products available in the Skill Navigator series address mathematics and language arts.

The Skill Detective Series, also developed by TestU, measures student knowledge of math and language-arts concepts as presented in Riverdeep’s most popular curriculum products. This series targets more than 75 math, language arts, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills. The diagnostic tests, which correlate to state standards, quickly identify areas of need and provide additional opportunities for students to hone these skills. The first two products in this series are Skill Detective Upper Elementary for grades 3-5 and Skill Detective Middle School for grades 6-8.

Prices for Skills Navigator start at $249 per license, and prices for Skill Detective start at $99.

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