This innovative text reader includes a host of other features

Internet users with vision or reading problems can have the text of any web page read to them in a natural-sounding voice with the ReadingBar for Internet Explorer from ReadPlease Corp. But the software is much more than a simple text reader.

With the AT&T Natural Voices speech engine, ReadingBar’s synthetic speech sounds natural and realistic. Not only does it read web pages aloud; users also can employ it to create MPS sound files, magnify web pages, make text-only versions of any web page, look up words in the built-in dictionary, and translate web pages to and from other languages.

“This is a real advancement in speech technology,” said Rob McCormack, president of ReadPlease Corp. “Our software invention gives internet users a whole new experience.”

ReadingBar is not just limited to the web; you can also use it to read text from other applications as well. The ReadingBar for Internet Explorer costs $69.95, with an additional $30 when ordered with the AT&T Natural Voices CD-ROM.

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