Track and manage student behavior problems with this Curriculum Associates program

Throughout the school day, teachers, bus drivers, school nurses, librarians, and others might encounter students with behavior problems but have no easy way of keeping track or creating effective intervention plans. Now tracking, analyzing, and managing students’ bad behavior from day to day just got easier with the help of the Student Behavior Intervention Planner (S-BIP), developed by Curriculum Associates Inc.

S-BIP is a web-based behavior management system that automates, simplifies, and standardizes the way users track and analyze student behavior. The system creates a complete behavior history online for each student from information submitted on Incident Observation Forms, Behavior Analysis Forms, and more. S-BIP also creates and tracks discipline action plans. All forms are also available as printable portable document files (PDFs).

S-BIP costs $199.95 per building for the first year. Volume and multi-year discounts are available.

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