Dell Computer Corp. shareholders approved a proposal July 18 to change the company’s name to Dell Inc., a move that management felt better reflects its broader range of technology products and services.

Dell stockholders, gathered in Austin for their annual meeting, endorsed the change for the nation’s largest computer maker.

CEO Michael Dell said the company’s focus on servers and storage systems is largely accountable for the need for a name change. The company has moved from making only computer hardware to a range of technology products and services.

“Customers are increasingly using clusters of standard servers in place of mainframe computers that rely on costly proprietary technology,” Dell said. “Standards-based systems are now the better choice for most computing applications, and the trend to such powerful and reliable technology favors our company.”

Dell saw shipments of those servers and storage systems increase by 40 percent in the last quarter of the current fiscal year. Dell accounted for almost one-third of U.S. server volume. External-storage revenue was up 65 percent.