Build engaging multimedia lessons with this software from IntelliTools

The IntelliTools Classroom Suite, launched this month by IntelliTools Inc., provides K-8 teachers with a toolbox of multimedia activities supporting reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science.

The product bundles three upgraded, integrated authoring tools–IntelliPics Studio 3, IntelliMathics 3, and IntelliTalk 3–into a single software solution. Students can use these tools to explore math concepts, build writing skills, do review activities, take quizzes, and author their own reports and multimedia presentations. Teachers can use the software to modify existing activities or create their own, and they can assign a series of activities for the week ahead so students can get started as soon as they log in. The software also tracks students’ responses to quizzes and activities and produces reports that teachers can print or view on their computer.

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