State web site to post disciplinary action against teachers

The Vermont Department of Education is going to post on the internet information about cases of teachers who have been disciplined.

“The page is being designed as we speak,” said Vermont Board of Education member William Corrow.

Results of disciplinary actions against teachers are public record in Vermont. A recent spate of publicity concerning Vermont teachers involved in sexual misconduct prompted the board to examine how it informs the public and how schools are kept safe in general, Corrow said.

Cases of other licensed professionals who run afoul of regulators are posted online.

The Vermont Secretary of State web page features a section detailing discipline against a variety of licensed professionals in the state, including real estate agents, nurses, auctioneers, accountants, and pharmacists.

Posting teacher discipline cases online would make it easier for the public to learn how misconduct is reported and dealt with, Corrow said.

Education department employees are deciding which information to post and where on the web page to post the records. The disciplinary data could be online in about a month.

Corrow said the Secretary of State web site would likely have a link to the education department’s list of disciplinary actions.

Vermont National Education Association President Angelo Dorta said posting the teacher disciplinary data should match the methods the Secretary of State’s Office uses to notify the public of professional misconduct.

With that caveat, Dorta said he doesn’t object to posting the misconduct data online. “We don’t seek any special favors,” he said.

The idea to post the teacher disciplinary data came out of a committee Corrow chairs looking at safety in Vermont schools. “I don’t want teachers to feel specifically or uniquely targeted,” Corrow said.

Corrow said his committee is looking for ways to better inform the public when problems arise with school personnel other than teachers and administrators.


Vermont Department of Education

Vermont Secretary of State: Disciplinary Action Search

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