Lexmark’s Print Art Education Program donates art-inspired lesson plans, CD-ROMs, and printers to schools across the country to help children learn history, language arts, math, and science. Through this program, Lexmark donates either a Lexmark Z53 or a Lexmark Z45 color art-quality inkjet printer to each elementary, middle, and high school in the district. The hardware comes with a warranty and the proper cabling. With this technology, Lexmark also donates a “Print Gallery” CD-ROM–the product of an exclusive collaboration between Lexmark and the largest consortium of art museums in Europe. The disc includes software and approximately 100 high-resolution works of art that allow the students to view, explore, and learn about art masterpieces from the great museums of Europe. Each school also receives a teacher’s guide with sample lesson plans. This guide includes academic exercises that put the CD to use in virtually every discipline, from art, to language, to social studies, to math and science. In addition, program participants are eligible to receive one donated inkjet cartridge for every three inkjet cartridges purchased. Every order is shipped free of charge.

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