$40 million to improve technology education
The Advanced Technological Education Grants program, from the National Science Foundation, promotes improvement in technological education at the undergraduate and secondary-school levels by supporting curriculum development; the preparation and professional development of college faculty and secondary school teachers; internships and field experiences for faculty, teachers, and students; and other activities. This $40 million program focuses on two-year colleges and expects two-year colleges to have a leadership role in all projects. Effective projects should involve partnerships between two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities, secondary schools, businesses, and government agencies, and they should respond to the industry’s need for well-prepared workers with adaptable skills. An estimated 70 awards will be made.
Deadline: October 15
Contact: Elizabeth J. Teles, (703) 292-4643 or ejteles@nsf.gov

$21,000 for exemplary uses of data-collection technology in science classes
Vernier Software & Technology and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have partnered to recognize and award excellent use of data collection technology in the science classroom. Full-time science teachers (from elementary to college level) are eligible to apply for one of seven Vernier and NSTA Technology Awards valued at $3,000 apiece. Each award includes $1,000 in cash, $1,000 in Vernier equipment, and $1,000 toward travel and expenses for next year’s NSTA national convention in Atlanta.
Deadline: October 15

$9,000 for outstanding, inquiry-based science lessons Delta Education LLC and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have teamed up to recognize and honor three science teachers who successfully use inquiry-based science to enhance teaching and learning in their classroom. Full-time science teachers in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible to apply for one of three awards valued at $3,000. Each award includes $1,500 for the awardee and $1,500 toward travel and expenses for next year’s NSTA national convention in Atlanta.
Deadline: October 15
Contact: (888) 400-NSTA

Up to $40,000 for projects that enhance astronomy and space education
Developed by NASA in 1991 and administered by the Space Telescope Science Institute, the Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy and Space Science (IDEAS) provides opportunities for scientists to share their knowledge and excitement about astronomy and space sciences with students, educators, and the general public. The program funds innovative, start-up educational outreach projects that enhance science education through collaboration between astronomers and U.S. educators. Awards of up to $40,000 will be made to instructors of kindergarten through college-age students in collaboration with professional astronomers or space scientists.
Deadline: October 24
Contact: (410) 338-4968, ideas@stsci.edu


$236,390 in computers and software for creative, tech-based preschool activities
Teachers or parents who submit creative, promising practices for using technology with preschoolers in the classroom or at home can win one of 110 IBM ThinkPad laptop computers through IBM’s KidSmart Early Learning Contest 2003. All prizes will be donated to the teacher’s school, or to the child’s school if the winner is a parent. The top 10 winners also will receive a Young Explorer Early Learning Computer Center with Riverdeep software for their school. Entries will be judged on: (1) how well the activity encourages learning and playing at the computer; (2) how well the activity integrates technology into learning; (3) accessibility of the activity for all children who might have a range of cognitive and physical disabilities; and (4) clarity of expression of the activity’s idea.
Deadline: November 3

$100,000 in networking technology from 3Com
The Urban Challenge program, from 3Com Corp., grants $100,000 worth of 3Com technology to U.S. cities to incorporate new uses for information technology into the fabric of their communities. Schools can use the grants to tailor a networking solution that meets their community’s needs. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, with the next round of applications due this fall. Deadline: November 3 http://www.3com.com

Free technology training scholarships for 100 school districts
3Com plans to give free TeacherPrep scholarships to 100 school districts for technology training that will take place between Nov. 3 and Nov. 14, 2003. 3Com launched the program, in partnership with EVista Consulting Group, to help train K-12 teachers to use technology and the internet effectively in the classroom. The program will enable thousands of teachers to receive technology training using a “train-the-trainers” model. TeacherPrep is six-course certification program that’s based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers. Applicants must submit an online form, and entries will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Deadline: November 3

Up to $3,000 for inspirational math, science, or technology teachers
Each year, RadioShack Corp. recognizes 110 outstanding high school teachers in the United States who demonstrate a commitment to educational excellence in mathematics, science, and technology through its RadioShack National Teachers Awards program. Teachers with more than three years experience are awarded a $3,000 cash prize, and teachers who are in their second or third year of teaching are awarded $1,000. Since it began the program, RadioShack has awarded more than $3.9 million to 1,330 individuals for their commitment, excellence, and innovation in the classroom. To be considered for recognition, teachers must be nominated by their school principal or a former honoree, submit a completed application packet, and provide a letter of reference.
Deadline: November 7
Contact: (817) 415-3898, teacher.awards@radioshack.com

Software, training, and other prizes for web sites powered by Macromedia
The Macromedia 2003 Back to School Student Contest encourages and recognizes the creators of innovative web sites and applications built with Macromedia products. Winners across multiple categories–including higher education, K-12, students, and eLearning–will receive software, grants, prizes, or free training, plus the opportunity to be showcased by Macromedia. No purchase is required to enter the program. Students compete against their peers and vote for their favorites in December.
Deadline: November 15

$1.1 million to improve nano-technology education in schools
The $1.1 million Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education program is part of the National Science Foundation’s effort to enhance nanoscale science and engineering education. Among its goals is to develop effective strategies and interventions for integrating nanoscale science and engineering into formal education in grades 7-16. Developing instructional materials and courses for adoption and implementation in grade 7-16 classrooms is one of four eligible activities.
Deadline: November 17
Contact: John Bradley, (703) 292-5091, jbradley@nsf.gov


10-percent discounts on LeapFrog SchoolHouse products
For every dollar toward LeapFrog SchoolHouse products that schools and districts include in their federal Reading First grant application, LeapFrog will credit the applicant with an additional 10-percent discount toward the purchase of the products for the life of the grant (up to three years) through its Reading First Grant Plus 10 Program. The minimum allocation for the first year must be no less than $20,000, and the minimum allocation for the second and third years must be no less than $10,000. This 10-percent credit will be applied only to the portion of the grant that is based exclusively on LeapFrog SchoolHouse products, and not to the entire grant amount. The Plus 10 program is limited to 500 recipients. Eligibility will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.
Deadline: December 31
Contact: Parisa Tahouri, (888) 432-5374, ext. 5106, or ptahouri@LeapFrogSchoolHouse.com

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