From the Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting comes a new web-based professional development tool designed to give educators free, 24-hour access to more that 25 workshops and hours of streaming video. The materials are aimed at improving teaching skills in such subject areas as math, science, social studies, English, foreign languages, and the arts. Launched Sept. 1, the resource incorporates a variety of training materials for teachers, including streaming video clips, print guides, and web links. Using a high-speed broadband or satellite connection, educators who engage in these course offerings will be able to observe actual taped classroom sessions and listen to insightful reflections of practicing teachers. All courses are organized by discipline, topic, and grade level. The tool itself is an evolution of the partnership’s earlier professional development efforts, which previously required educators to sign up for scheduled courses and earn credits only while those courses were being offered. Under the new system, however, all of the courses and videotaped sessions are digitally stored and cataloged online, allowing educators to access them at any time and from anywhere, at their own convenience. Completion of the courses earns educators a Certificate of Participation that can be used locally for recertification and other professional credentials. Educators also have the option of receiving graduate credits through Colorado State University for a nominal fee.

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