ED’s revamped web site aims to be more user-friendly

The U.S. Department of Education is revamping how it delivers tools and resources to stakeholders. The agency’s newly redesigned web site is one of the steps ED said it’s taking to make information and resources more readily available to educators, parents, and students alike. “This redesigned site can help reduce the time teachers, parents, and others spend looking for information, so they can spend more time using it to help children learn,” said Secretary of Education Rod Paige. Among the latest improvements is the reorganization of data into five major categories: grants and contracts, financial aide for students, education resources, research and statistics, and policy. Officials also have added customized pages for teachers, principals, parents, students, institutions of higher education, grantees, and technical assistance providers. Each visitor now has the option to personalize his or her own version of the site, so users automatically see information about the topics that interest them specifically. Developers also have been working to improve the site’s search engine so that queries can be answered with greater speed, accuracy, and reliability, ED officials say.

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