Engage students’ interest with these digital curriculum tools from SAS inSchool

SAS inSchool, the education division of Cary, N.C.-based SAS Institute, has added new digital curriculum tools to its teacher planning product Curriculum Pathways, which is geared toward students and teachers in grades eight to 12.

The new Student InterActivities for English literature and modern European history offer interactive lessons that combine audio, images, and video. For example, the English Literature InterActivities intertwine literary passages with audiovisual files to teach literature topics such as Old English, Middle English, Renaissance, Shakespeare, and more. Students have a space to write their own interpretations, and they can scroll over words to learn their definitions.

Modern European History InterActivities are available for topics such as Renaissance and the Reformation, Exploration and Colonization, Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and more. Students view short movies on the people, issues, and events related to a key historical question, then using an online organizational tool they review primary-source documents and audio clips, save passages that support either side of the question, and develop their own analysis.

The new content also features additional teacher planning materials for physical science, including lessons about changes in matter, electricity, energy, forces, motion, waves, and more. All materials are linked to state and national standards through Curriculum Pathways, a teacher planning environment with resources for English, mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish. A subscription to Curriculum Pathways costs $2.50 per student, per year.

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