4GL School Solutions has introduced an enhanced and web-accessible version of its suite of special-education management solutions for K-12 schools. Called Encore, the software aims to help districts operate more efficiently by automating and streamlining special-ed data collection and management, allowing districts to redirect resources into the classroom for improved teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

“Special-ed delivery is in crisis. Teacher turnover is high; data collection, forms, and paper processing take an inordinate amount of time; and thousands of dollars that districts don’t have in the first place are wasted or lost because of inefficiencies in the system,” said Clark Easter, the company’s founder and chief executive. “By making [our] solutions web-accessible, districts large and small can now take advantage of what they know is the only way to get special-needs programs under control–through technology-based, data-driven solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.”

A key component of the Encore suite is Timeline Tracker, which manages and monitors all phases of the individual education process for students. Interacting with Timeline Tracker is Forms Tracker, a program designed to streamline data entry with electronic versions of district-specific forms used by special-education teams. As data are entered, compliance requirements are verified automatically, a process that can reduce a district’s special-needs program paperwork burden by as much as 40 percent, according to the company.

The Encore suite also includes three optional modules: Encounter Tracker, which documents the delivery of direct and administrative services; Claims Tracker, an automated billing application that allows districts to file claims for reimbursable services; and Educational Outcomes Cubes, an analytical tool that monitors compliance and records best practices in a Timeline Tracker implementation to help districts identify what is–and is not–working.

Data accuracy, which is critical to managing information for special-needs students, has been increased to more than 98 percent for some 4GL clients using the online compliance support built into the system, the company says.

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