According to Stamford, Conn.-based market research firm Gartner Inc., technology asset management will rank as one of the top five priorities for information technology (IT) leaders through 2006. Tools for managing and taking inventory of IT assets have remained beyond the budget of many schools and universities so far–but with the release of NetSupport DNA (Dynamic Network Administration), school IT professionals now have an affordable, easy-to-use system for keeping IT costs in check, according to the company.

“The Gartner report revealed that a majority of organizations do not have efficient ways of keeping track of their IT assets,” said Alastair Kingsley, managing director of NetSupport Inc. “That opens them up to dangers like system downtime from improperly implemented upgrades, poor customer service, overpaying on license fees, and extra work for programmers. With NetSupport DNA, IT departments can know what hardware and software they have in place, monitor student application usage, budget more accurately for upgrades, improve their in-house IT support and performance, and even track internet usage–all resulting in greater efficiency and reduced IT costs.”

Available in a flexible modular format, NetSupport DNA allows you to pick and choose the specific applications you need. Modules include hardware and software inventory, which can identify and store information about all the Windows-based computers on your network and the software on each machine; application and internet metering, which keeps track of software and web usage and can generate reports; software distribution; remote PC control; and a help-desk solution.

A downside is that NetSupport DNA only works with Windows-based computers and will not inventory Macintosh systems. The software runs on a Windows NT, 2000, XP, or 2003 server platform. A 100-computer license costs $2,688 for the inventory module alone and $5,376 for the full suite. Education and volume discounts also apply.

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